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Muppet Medals

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TF2 Ranks

Medal NameImageDescriptionRank
FTD Clan Leader
When he walks into the room, his golden thong shining bright as an oncoming rocket, the dummies stand aright and salute him -- The biggest cheese of FTD. FTD
TF2 Clan Leader
Leader of the Clan TF2
Defence Leader
Making madcap on the spur decisions and getting everyone killed. TF2
Offence Leader
The big man at the front taking all the bullets for newb and dummy. He might even take a few from the enemy. TF2
Defence Second-In-Command
When the Defence Leader isn't around, who'll fortify HQ? This man, that's who! TF2
Offence Second-In-Command
When the Offence commander is AWOL, who'll lead the charge? Why, this young fool! TF2
We want plans, routes, strategies, ideas, and this is the guy to collate the best of them. Or at least those guaranteed to make us laugh. TF2
The cupid who flutters amongst star-crossed clans with the intention of seeing them destroy eachother in open warfare. TF2

TF2 Medals

Medal NameImageDescriptionRank
LAN Llama Commendation
Certain members of FTD also run these things called LlamaLAN parties. And apparently, this dummy was spotted at one of them! FTD
Player of the Indefinite Timeframe Medal
This dummy has at some point been awarded this accolade in recognition of something pretty special. Any dummy can nominate anyone for any reason! TF2
Duel King Medal
Initiate Smug Mode! This dummy has fought up our own internal Duel Ladder, and hit that number one top position! What an l33t display of prowess! TF2
Clan Backbone Medal (For Attendance)
A dummy we would not do without! Whoever receives this award is recognised for their excellent support of clan activity. At least ten events have taken place since this dummy joined, and his or her signup percentage has been 75 percent. TF2
UKeSA TF2 Open Season 1
What's this? An attempt at a more professional competition of Team Fortress 2 action? This dummy couldn't resist introducing his own special kind of professionalism to this league. TF2
Wireplay TF2 6v6 League Season 4 Medal
The earth gave way and we beheld something extremely expected - the fourth 6v6 held aloft by the power of Wireplay meant we had another chance to lurch in, point at a few passing clans, and laugh all the way to the respawn room. TF2
Wireplay TF2 6v6 League Season 3 Medal
We reviewed our past glories and our mistakes, noted where we went wrong and how to improve, then got drunk and lost the notepad down a sewer. But this didn't stop us, oh no! TF2
Wireplay TF2 6v6 League Season 2 Medal
Having shown ourselves up in the 7v7 league, we asked ourselves - Why stop there?! And so on to Wireplay's main attraction - the TF2 6v6! TF2
Duel Ladder Ace Medal
Gangway, Duelling Dummy coming through! His brute strength and/or cunning timing saw him through five human opponents in our internal Duel Ladder - winning five of them consecutively! TF2
Wireplay TF2 7v7 League Season 2 Medal
Kicking off in June 2008, clan FTD boldly stumbled forth into a mix of matches where, like ever before, grand challenges awaited them. This loyal player helped see us there the highs and lows of Wireplay Season 2! TF2
Wireplay TF2 7v7 League Season 3 Medal
September 2008 - and the dummies jump ship from ETF2L's Season 3 to tackle the might of the Wireplay league! This dummy joined our struggle to hold off the hordes at the gates, riding out to meet them at a moment's notice, tossing dwarves and all! TF2
Wireplay TF2 7v7 League Season 5 Medal
After a long wait the fifth 7v7 Wireplay league commenced - and this time, it's all Attack vs Defence, baby! The generals in camp FTD took about two seconds to consider the wisdom of hurling ourselves into what would surely be an bloody onslaught. TF2
Wireplay TF2 7v7 League Season 4 Medal
Never deterred by anything history may suggest, the handpicked fist-sized army of dummyville marched into Season 4 of Wireplay's 7v7 league, paying little attention to lack of medical supplies to hand. This dummy took part in this momentous charge! TF2
European TF2 6v6 Ladder Medal
We mused over it for all the time it took to microwave our hamburgers. So many clans climbing over eachother, grabbing ankles and standing on heads... who wouldn't want in on this extremely active ladder? This dummy thought likewise! TF2
Enemy Down Arena Winter Clash 2008 Medal
Arena! Oh what merriment that very word inspires. This dummy donned the sandals of a gladiator and made his mark in the Enemy Down Winter Clash of 2008 TF2
Duel Ladder Robot Ripper Medal
Machines beware! This dummy has seen to every SG stage in the duel ladder, emerging out of the pile of shredded metal and scorched cogs as the Masticator of Metal! TF2
European TF2 League Season 3 Medal
Why repeatedly hit your head against a brick wall, when you have ETF2L season 3 to play in? Huh? That's precisely what this dummy thought when he hurled himself into this league season! TF2
European TF2 League Season 2 Medal
Sailing out to do war in our first ETF2L season, us dummies faced our opponents upon stormy seas and amidst terrible storms. Still, this dummy did his part, keeping the mainsail hoisted, the deck swabbed and the canons polished! TF2
Enemy Down 8v8 Spring Bonanzaaa 2008 Medal
March, 2008: And the dummies donned their mantles of tournament playing, prepared to battle against all the odds! The ED Spring Bonanzaaa had begun, and FTD wanted a piece! This dummy took part in at least one of these matches. TF2
Fifteen Friendly Fragger Commemoration
More than happy to give a grin and blow someone limb from limb in the name of a laugh! Each one of these awards represents 15 friendly scrims. TF2
Clanbase 6v6 Ladder Ten-Match Champion Medal
Woah there! Clanbase has seen this dummy's face very often indeed, as he or she has fought with the dummies in a great number of our CB 6v6 events! Each one represents ten CB 6v6 ladder matches. TF2
Clanbase 8v8 Ladder Ten-Match Champion Medal
Tackling several great challenge, this dummy parped on his trumpet as he rode into many a battle on the dusty fields of Clanbase's 8v8 ladder arenas. Each of these medals represent ten CB 8v8 ladder matches. TF2
Enemy Down 6v6 Ladder Ten-Match Champion Medal
Never one to shirk his or her duty, this dummy was so keen to thwart our foes, they smashed down every door between us and the opponents before exploding all over their cap points! Each one of these awards represents 10 Enemy Down 6v6 Ladder matches! TF2
Enemy Down 8v8 Ladder Ten-Match Champion Medal
Tackling the enemy in repeated scenarios of overwhelming odds! This dummy has been one of the backbones of the team. Each one of these medals represents ten ED 8v8 ladder matches. TF2
Enemy Down Arena Ladder 10-Match Gladiator Medal
Bruised, battered, but not broken! Rather than deny the enemy a chance to knock him about for six, this fine and stubborn soldier put on his crash helmet, battling again and again, through ten ED Arena Ladder matches. What a guy! TF2
Enemy Down Arena Ladder Fighter Medal
Feather dusters off, knuckle dusters on! Arena mode matches can be over quick as a wink if you don't keep a keen eye on your opponents and your aim! This dummy has felt the pain in at least three ED Arena Ladder matches. TF2
Clanbase 6v6 Ladder Competitor Medal
This dummy has rolled up his sleeves and got stuck in to the clanbase 6v6 ladder, assisting us with at least three matches. TF2
Clanbase 8v8 Ladder Competitor Medal
Not only did this dummy assist us with at least three CB 8v8 ladder games, he or she keeps their teeth bright and clean to dazzle our opponents. TF2
Enemy Down 6v6 Ladder Competitor Medal
This dummy buckled up and leapt forth into the ED 6v6 ladder league and assisted in at least three matches. TF2
Enemy Down 8v8 Ladder Competitor Medal
Shoulder to shoulder we marched into the 8v8 Enemy Down ladder, losing any remaining ounces of sanity on the way. This dummy assisted in at least three ladder matches. TF2

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<PloppY-PantS> ahhh... a tf2 question.. if a cloaked spy walks over a sticky , does it uncloak them ?
<nix-7> depends if anyone is arond to hear it

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joined 18/11/09
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