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The TF2 Muppets are looking for more dummies!
IRC Channel:#ftd
Server - Frag Test Dummies public clan server

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About FTD's TF2 muppets

The Frag Test Dummies began life way back in the dawning of Fortress on QWTF. The clan were a team of useless muppets who couldn't tell their grenades from their socks, suffering humiliation as a way of life. Eventually, the clan added to its roster a number of players who actually knew what a trigger button was and, essentially, where to aim, and the clan began to get the hang of things.

We all moved on the most excellent Q3F, sticking with it from birth through to its sad and slow demise.

Years later, the crazed Team Fortress 2 arrives and the dummies emerged from hibernation, buried beneath years of empty beer cans and cold pizza slabs. Ready for that familiar taste of humiliation once again, braving ridiculous odds on the servers, and learning, once again, how to play with one hand on the trigger and another around a cool cold Stella.

As you may have figured out by now, FTD are up for laughs. The clan wants to get the most out of Team Fortress 2, making sure we have fun along the way! :)

  • FTD is a team-oriented clan encouraging its members to explore the nuttier side of themselves and the fun side of the game.

  • Its organisers provide events for its members to take part in, such as practice sessions, friendly matches, and league games.

  • Matches will be recorded in the website schedule and in the Steam community group's event list. Practices will also be recorded in the Steam community group events list.

  • FTD is NOT insistant on its members presence to all practices and matches - just as many as personally possible.

  • However we request that all members mark whether they will or will not turn up to each event using the sign on/off process built into the website's schedule.

  • The Steam group is for anyone who wishes to associate with the dummies and join in on the publics with us.

  • The website roster is for those with an active presence in the clan's activities.

This is different to how the Q3F faction was run. That was a focus on practice-driven acheivements with a focus on getting the most out of the game, in fun and in results. We're all older and have more obligations and so FTD's TF2 clan is just about being part of a team under likeminded drunkards who get together and blow stuff up. If you want to take part, grab the nearest grenade and pull that pin.
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Crash gets it on with a supply station kit
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Posted by Ragnor
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<PloppY-PantS> ahhh... a tf2 question.. if a cloaked spy walks over a sticky , does it uncloak them ?
<nix-7> depends if anyone is arond to hear it

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MazGhost for TF2
joined 18/11/09
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